My Home我的家

2017-07-24 初二年级英语作文

  每个人都有自己的家,那么你的家是什么样的呢,下面就为大家分享英语作文My home我的家,供大家参考学习

My Home我的家

  My home我的家

  My home is on the Second floor. There are three bedrooms, a kitchen ,a Music room and a living room. I’m a child. I have a nice bedroom. In my bedroom, there is bed, a closet, an air- conditioner and so on. My closet is yellow. My bed is green. I love my bedroom very much。


  In order to helpme grow healthily, my parents make some family rules. First, we must honest toothers. Honesty is the basic character of a person. Second, we should take ourresponsibilities. My duty is study now, so I must work hard for it. Third, weshould be thankful to the life. It will help us to love ourselves and others. Myparents always tell me to remember these rules. And I will remember themalways.


  My home我的家

  Welcome to my home look. Five books are on the desk and my name''cindy''is on the books ,what is that under thr bed? It is a basketbal,l l like basketball l lhink it is easy for me ,my brother Tom has two blue baseball bats in his room, he plays baseball with his classmates after class a black TV is on the table my sister Lusy like watching ping-pong games on it. What is that on my sofa?it is my dog CiCi, it is yellow, it likes plsying a white ball with me

  It is my home l like my home



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