2017-07-31宇翔 邀请函


  Quality Certification Center 日期

  Section 9, No. 188, Nansihuan Xilu,

  Fengtai District

  Beijing 100070

  People’s Republic of China

  Invitation Letter for application of Visa at USA Embassy/Consulate General

  To whom it may concern:

  On behalf of , it is my great pleasure to invite your delegation including the following persons to visit our factory in 工厂地址, Within 15 days of the third quarter of , for CCC factory inspection.

  Members of the delegation

  工厂名称 will cover the hotel accommodation, medical insurance, international air tickets and inland transportation of the delegation in USA.

  The contact person in our office in USA. is . His contact information is: 联系电话

  We are looking forward to meeting your delegation in 工厂名称 .

  Yours faithfully




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