Unit 2 She often goes to concerts 教学设计(外研版英语七年级)


一、教材分析:本模块的Unit 2 是《英语》(新标准)系列教材中MODULE 8的第二个单元,根据新标准的要求, 第二单元是以培养学生的读写能力为主,包括词汇,语法的学习活动。通过unit 1中谈论“Tony的生日过程”的听说活动,过渡到本单元“如何为他人选择礼物”的读写活动,通过逐步递进,由易到难的教学以及活动,培养学生基础语言能力,阅读能力和语言听说能力的训练 , 最终实现听说读写的综合学习, 实现本模块的任务教学。

二、Teaching aims

1. To understand the passage “Choosing birthday presents”;

2. To learn to use some adverbs of frequency: always, often, usually, sometimes, never

3.To get information from the reading material about choosing birthday presents.

4. To write a present card.

三、Teaching Objectives

Key vocabulary:

chocolate, magazine, scarf, silk, concert, scarves

Key phrases

spend a lot of money, go to the cinema, go to concert, at weekends, on television

get some exercise ,keep healthy, go shopping, at weekends .

Key structures

She likes… She has got… She often goes to concerts/the cinema

四、Emotional aims:


五、Learning & teaching focus:


六、Teaching methods

task-based teaching method;Communicative approach

七、Teaching aids


八、Teaching Procedures

Step 1:Lead-in

Enjoy a song “happy birthday to you”.


Step 2: Warming-up

1. Ask the students if tomorrow is your birthday, what presents do you like ?And why? Talk something about it.

2. Introduce the new words.

4. Read through the list of presents and have the students repeat them

5.Pair work, call back the answers from the whole class.

A: What would you like for your

birthday party?

B: (I’d like) A box of chocolates.

A: why?

B:Becaus I …..


Step 3 Lstening

Listen to the passage and match the people with what they like doing.


Step 4 Reading

⑴ Fast-reading and answer the question Who do Daming and his friends choose presents for?

Name Chooses presents for





⑵ While-reading

① Read fill in the table

What do the like/what do they do?Which birthday presents do you choose for them?

Name Likes/do Presents

Diming's grandparents Stay healthy,

get some exercise,

wear T-shirts T-shirts

Daming’s mother Likes chocolate,

Going shopping

Buys clothes chocolate, clothes, silk scarf, dresses, shoes

Betty’s cousin Likes reading,films book, magazine and cinema ticket

Tony’s sister Likes music concert ticket and CDs

Lingling's aunt and uncle Like football football


Step4: Post-reading

Read the passage quietly and do activity3



②Make a survey.


Step6 : Homework

You have to finish:

★ Read the passage fluently and preview the next period.

★★ Write a short passage about choosing birthday presents for your family and friends.


Your birthday is coming.

I’d like to choose…for you.

Because you (usually/ always/ often)…

I hope you will like it!